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Friday, November 19, 2004

never one to be called a slacker...

oh who am i kidding? i slack on a daily basis... ooh - that just reminded me of something i have to do for work!

anyway, last night jason and i went out for coffee... coffee turned into a sandwich, a piece of cake, a can of soda and a hot tea... i'm still thinking the $20 that i have in my pocket will be enough... bill comes. $24.15. and you KNOW they dont take credit cards... so jason gives me his last $5 and i find another $1 crumbled in my purse...

but you cant leave $26 on a $24.15 check! so we start scrounging for change... and manage to leave a grand total of $28.40. lots of silver. and i dont mean quarters... i was set to leave a $4 tip, but Jason thought we should give her the extra 25cents for having to deal with the change.

yeah, cause *that* makes it ok!

i dont think i will be going back there anytime soon ;)


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