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Thursday, September 23, 2004

question of the day...

so, i have been sending emails to the guy i keep talking about quite a bit... and most of the emails are taken up by these asinine questions we keep posing to eachother... and its fun, so i think we should play here.

today's question of the day:

the doors/jim morrison - genius or overrated?

discuss. :)


  • Oooh...tough question. I'm going to lean towards genius 'cause The Doors put out some pretty freakin' great songs in their time. "Light My Fire" rocks!!! I think a lot of the general public would probably say overrated, but I'll stick with genius.

    By Blogger chris, at September 23, 2004 at 2:42 PM  

  • I am going to say genius, but overrated by all the stoner hippies who are like, the doors, man, the doors! But really don't appreciate rock and roll. Hippies annoy me, is that weird? Considering I went to school in Vermont and am nearly a hippie myself? ;)

    By Blogger vf, at September 29, 2004 at 11:47 AM  

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