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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I need to detox!

No HD, I'm not dead, and I did not get arrested for harassing republicans....sadly. :(

This was my weekend:

Friday night, went to see Averi, this band from Boston that I saw a million other times this summer, and my friend Adria has gotten close to. I took along my roommate and my sister, since the show was 18+. It was a good show, we talked with the guys a bit before they took off, and a lot of drinking took place before we left.

So we head off to meet up with this guy my roomie has been "seeing"...our plan was this: my sister is underage, but we look like twins. So I give her my licensce, and I have my passport. She and Adria head into the club first, and my roommate and I follow. My sister looks 25, so it worked like a charm. :)

So we stumble around a few random bars, we started in Tribeca at the show, then we head up to midtown, and finished up the night in the W. Village. The last place we're at is some hip-hop bar where we are few of the only white people. Roomie is making out with her boy, Adria is dancing on a platform with some dude, sister and I head home. I should take my sister out more often, because she keeps me from making out with random boys!

Somehow over the course of the night, Adria talks me into coming up with her to NH to see Averi and Graham Colton Band the next night. I don't have to work, so I agree.

We leave the next morning at 8:30 to take a bus to NH. I go home for 45 minutes, then we head off to the show. Unfortunately, it's an early show, so we miss 75% of GCB. Averi is playing last because GCB has to go to MD. Still managed to convert Adria, and got most of the guys to sign her CD. Drew asked if he knew us, and I say, "well, I've seen you all a lot of times, so you might recognize me...." He now thinks I'm a stalker. :)

So we hang out for Averi (it was a great show, btw), and then, since it's early, go get some chinese for dinner. Then we get in touch with some of the Averi guys, and head off to hang out at the studio. Several beers later, we end up going to some girl's house in Lawrence, MA, or wherever we were...a couple more beers later, I decide it is a "good idea" to take a shot of absinthe. I proceed to drunk dial, pass out, and then puke. We spend the night at the studio, where I leave a note that reads "Banjo rocks!! Keep up the good work! *heart* Caitlin" for the producer of their new album, because he wants to add my favorite rock accessory, the banjo, to one of the tracks. :)

We get up at 6, Adria drives me into Boston where I hop on a bus. I get back to the city at 12:30, meet my sister for brunch and to stop by a demonstration at the UN (about Darfur), and then go to work from 3 to 11:30.

Of course the subways are all kinds of screwed up on the weekends, so I give up on the JMZ and take a cab home. When I get into bed, I literally moan with pleasure. :) Then I slept until 9, called to be sure I'm not working today, and then slept more, until 2pm.

I really need a sober, quiet, normal weekend!!


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