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Thursday, September 23, 2004

question of the day...

so, i have been sending emails to the guy i keep talking about quite a bit... and most of the emails are taken up by these asinine questions we keep posing to eachother... and its fun, so i think we should play here.

today's question of the day:

the doors/jim morrison - genius or overrated?

discuss. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

close encounters of the vermin kind

awww, that is sad kiki. But you seem to have something going, and I'm sure it will work out eventually, even if it's just friends. :)

So today at work, we had an intense amount of celebrity visits.

First was Willis from Different Strokes. "What you talkin' bout Willis?" Oh yeah.

Then, The Calling. The whole band. We were singing that song they had a few years ago ALL afternoon.

THEN, the guitarist from Aerosmith who is not Joe Perry.

And finally, the mother of them all..........ALICE COOPER!!!

Holy crap!! Ruby Foo's was on fiyah today!

So then I'm at home, and it's trash day tomorrow, right? So I'm taking the trash to the curb, cause our rent gets lowered because we do that. So I take the trash out of the can, and I'm tying it shut. The bag is moving a little, but I'm like, "It's just the trash settling, it's not a rat, it's not a rat." And I pick up the bag, start walking towards the curb, and a fucking RAT falls off/out of the bag, hits my leg, and scampers across the sidewalk. I fling the trashbag to the curb, and SCREAM. And SCREAM and SCREAM some more. I think the whole neighborhood knew I had a close encounter with a rat. I ran inside, and was jumping up and down and screaming like a madwoman. I *heart* NY! :)

aw man...

i am totally bummed - my date for tomorrow just got cancelled... :(

i am realizing how much i am setting myself up for a letdown with this one - i never let myself actually get excited about this stuff, so i dont know why i am this time...

dammit. i want to go back to the old cynical version of me. i like her better...

Friday, September 17, 2004

oh lord...

so, i have been emailing this guy for the last 2 days... (no, not the one some of you saw the other night) like, 4 page emails every time... yeah, can you say non-billable time? and tonight i talked to him on the phone for 2.5 hours... if we dont click in real life, i think he still is going to turn into one of my best friends - we talked about the most random shit, and only got off the phone cause it was 1am and my ear hurts from the phone!

i think i found his 'fatal flaw' but i *think* it will be ok? (he doesnt drink - recovering/ed? alcoholic... 4 years... but doesnt seem to have an issue with others doing it, so...) i hope so...

he is so much fun to talk to - i am totally bummed that he is going out of town for the weekend :( i am going to be so let down if we dont click in real life... argh...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

me either!

haha, em, believe me, mines not like that either!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


damn, my life is so boring in comparrison to ya'lls! :P

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I need to detox!

No HD, I'm not dead, and I did not get arrested for harassing republicans....sadly. :(

This was my weekend:

Friday night, went to see Averi, this band from Boston that I saw a million other times this summer, and my friend Adria has gotten close to. I took along my roommate and my sister, since the show was 18+. It was a good show, we talked with the guys a bit before they took off, and a lot of drinking took place before we left.

So we head off to meet up with this guy my roomie has been "seeing"...our plan was this: my sister is underage, but we look like twins. So I give her my licensce, and I have my passport. She and Adria head into the club first, and my roommate and I follow. My sister looks 25, so it worked like a charm. :)

So we stumble around a few random bars, we started in Tribeca at the show, then we head up to midtown, and finished up the night in the W. Village. The last place we're at is some hip-hop bar where we are few of the only white people. Roomie is making out with her boy, Adria is dancing on a platform with some dude, sister and I head home. I should take my sister out more often, because she keeps me from making out with random boys!

Somehow over the course of the night, Adria talks me into coming up with her to NH to see Averi and Graham Colton Band the next night. I don't have to work, so I agree.

We leave the next morning at 8:30 to take a bus to NH. I go home for 45 minutes, then we head off to the show. Unfortunately, it's an early show, so we miss 75% of GCB. Averi is playing last because GCB has to go to MD. Still managed to convert Adria, and got most of the guys to sign her CD. Drew asked if he knew us, and I say, "well, I've seen you all a lot of times, so you might recognize me...." He now thinks I'm a stalker. :)

So we hang out for Averi (it was a great show, btw), and then, since it's early, go get some chinese for dinner. Then we get in touch with some of the Averi guys, and head off to hang out at the studio. Several beers later, we end up going to some girl's house in Lawrence, MA, or wherever we were...a couple more beers later, I decide it is a "good idea" to take a shot of absinthe. I proceed to drunk dial, pass out, and then puke. We spend the night at the studio, where I leave a note that reads "Banjo rocks!! Keep up the good work! *heart* Caitlin" for the producer of their new album, because he wants to add my favorite rock accessory, the banjo, to one of the tracks. :)

We get up at 6, Adria drives me into Boston where I hop on a bus. I get back to the city at 12:30, meet my sister for brunch and to stop by a demonstration at the UN (about Darfur), and then go to work from 3 to 11:30.

Of course the subways are all kinds of screwed up on the weekends, so I give up on the JMZ and take a cab home. When I get into bed, I literally moan with pleasure. :) Then I slept until 9, called to be sure I'm not working today, and then slept more, until 2pm.

I really need a sober, quiet, normal weekend!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

bachelorette party...

so it was meighan's bachelorette party... and naturally i offered to host :) the rule was 'no strippers' and really, none of us wanted to see them anyway... so instead we headed out to lucky chengs for the drag show :) unfortunately their website lies and even for parties of less than 10 you have to order dinner... so we had a drink and moved on...

everyone should dance on a bar at some point in their life... {me? i've done it numerous times :)} so we took meighan to coyote ugly and told her we were NOT leaving until she ended up on the bar! of course that required copious amounts of alcohol, but she was game :) susan and i went up with her, and apparently i grabbed meighans crotch - i am sure to the delight of the mostly male audience - when i tried to grab her leg. d'oh. yes there is photographic evidence - no you cant see it...

then we were headed somewhere less crowded (after a bad stint at jack rabbit slims which was so crowded that we *had* to leave) and i dont really remember where i was heading, but some random guy came RUNNING down the street and invited us into his bar - and promised some free drinks... being the lushes that we all are, of course we went... (i found out this AM that the others were a bit skeptical about whether we should follow this guy... i guess i forget that they arent used to nyc :) ) we have no idea what the name of the place was or where it even was - well, it was somewhere near tompkins square park, but not exactly sure where... thats where the bad stuff started... i had 2 rules for the night - for everyone. no hooking up and no puking. i proceeded to break both rules in that place - well, i waited until i got outside to be sick, but still... and apparently i tried to get away from the guy i was making out with, but i didnt have the capacity to get off my barstool and actually walk away, so i gave in... however everyone else thoroughly enjoyed their time - the bride to be had a dance off with the owner & free hand massages by a creepy guy were received by all...

of course when i got home, i forgot to take my contacts out and eat my pizza :(, so it was a rough morning...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

richard marx

ok, so who DOESNT love richard marx and his crazy 80s hair? Lemme just say, the hair is gone, and the sexiness is in....oh baby! cant wiat to post my pics on the board.=) And it was awesome meeting him. Hes rather short..

ps, funny site Em!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


THIS totally cracked me up for some reason. My mind is warped. :P

Friday, September 03, 2004


THANK GOD the convention is over! not even cause of the republicans - but because it was a HUGE PITA to have to worry about traffic, street closings, protestors, terrorists and running into my old boss since he was a delegate...

i feel like singing!!! ah, the weekend will be SO nice - everyone will flee the city and for a few short days, there will be less people!

i am sad for summer to be over. i like when 5-10% of the population is on vacation at any given moment... i will miss my car :(