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Friday, August 27, 2004


So, now that I have unpacked 3 boxes of stock stuff, I have nothing much to do here at work, lol. I have answered the phone a total of 5 times today since 8:03AM. I fixed a pot of coffee, cleaned the break room, organized a NASTY cabinet in the shop, did some invoices, and played on live journal and the BTE board a lot. IT IS SO SLOOOWWWW HERE TODAY! :| Is it 5pm yet? :P

Let me tell you about this dream I had last night, maybe someone can analyze it for me. I am at my grandma's old house in TN (she hasn't lived there for like 3 years), and she used to have this huge olive green freezer. You know the ones that look like a big refrigerator but it is actually a freezer. Anyway for some reason we are going to eat crawfish (we never ate crawfish at my grandma's) and they want me to get them out of the freezer. I open the door to get them and there is a big sack of crawfish but they aren't frozen! They have defrosted and are a wiggling around in the sack and stuff....blech! Weird thing about it was that right behind that was a bag of shrimp and they were frozen. I remember thinking "NASTY! I'd rather have the shrimp." Then I woke up.

I swear all I had before bed was a glass of water and some cheezits.


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