We're ALL the center square

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

VD, I've been worried about you..

Did you get arrested this weekend at the anti-Bush rally? Everytime I heard stuff on tv I would look for you.

Jk, kind of ;)

Monday, August 30, 2004

re: its official

when you find him make sure to let us ALL know so we can befriend him....

in other news, i get to go to a private Sarah McLaughlin show on wednesday that is only for 40 people and i believe i get a chance to meet her there,too! Its before her big show downtown here. How awesome is that!?=)

its official...

ok - so i am putting out the search right now. i need a boyfriend.

but i am not looking for love, or even companionship... i need a boyfriend with so much money that he wont mind buying me a show horse and paying for my horseshows... if he travels a lot for work, and i dont have to hang out with him much, that would be ideal...

if you know someone like this, please send him my way. heck, even if he just wants to lease a nice show horse for me, i think i can manage...


Friday, August 27, 2004


So, now that I have unpacked 3 boxes of stock stuff, I have nothing much to do here at work, lol. I have answered the phone a total of 5 times today since 8:03AM. I fixed a pot of coffee, cleaned the break room, organized a NASTY cabinet in the shop, did some invoices, and played on live journal and the BTE board a lot. IT IS SO SLOOOWWWW HERE TODAY! :| Is it 5pm yet? :P

Let me tell you about this dream I had last night, maybe someone can analyze it for me. I am at my grandma's old house in TN (she hasn't lived there for like 3 years), and she used to have this huge olive green freezer. You know the ones that look like a big refrigerator but it is actually a freezer. Anyway for some reason we are going to eat crawfish (we never ate crawfish at my grandma's) and they want me to get them out of the freezer. I open the door to get them and there is a big sack of crawfish but they aren't frozen! They have defrosted and are a wiggling around in the sack and stuff....blech! Weird thing about it was that right behind that was a bag of shrimp and they were frozen. I remember thinking "NASTY! I'd rather have the shrimp." Then I woke up.

I swear all I had before bed was a glass of water and some cheezits.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

i am a blog user now!

Yea...i am here....thanks so much VF...this is cool...

Today, was a "mom" day alright...went to Julian's school to meet his 5th grade teacher and had a bbq dinner there....it was fun...and i think i am signing up Vonnie for Soccer...i was so inspired after watching the women's soccer team win the gold today! Woot...

Kindergarten soccer...that should be cute!!! Vonnie does have a great kick!


That's so gross! Lukily I don't take the subway much during rush hour.....yet. :(

But I could use some good "get a job vibes" right now! So please please please can I find a subway pervert of my own??

Ack, I am working on getting this spare room rented out, and everyone and their mom is calling me re: a posting on craig's list! It's outta control, and I can't take my phone giving me the "voice mail beep" anymore! Someone normal, just move in!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

what i love about new york city...

in honor of miss VF's birthday and recent relocation to this fair city, i thought i would highlight my FAVORITE thing about city life...

subway perverts - hey, we all need to get our kicks somehow, right? however, i would appreciate it if you (mr. subway pervert) would take yourself home and look at internet porn like any normal human being. i know some uncomfortable subway contact is necessary sometimes, but we can tell the difference. seriously dude, if i knock an elderly lady down in order to move away from you in the subway, it is NOT an invitation to move with me as to maintain your genital contact with whatever part of my body it is today. yes, i know you are excited - i can tell. no, its not my problem.

this happened to me today, and before you ask, no, it was not the first time. the best part of the one today? he got on the subway with me at 42nd street. on the express train. there was a local across the platform - keep that in mind. we rode exactly ONE stop to 72nd street. he got off (ew, not like that - i hope!) and went right around to the downtown train. which means this guy's entire purpose for riding the subway was to be a subway pervert!

i had made it over a year and a half without encountering one of these mythical creatures, but in the last 3 months or so, it seems that i must have a sign on my back that says "free rubs".

welcome to NYC, birthday girl :)

Yay HD! I started classes myself this week, and already have LOTS of homework.=)

Chris! If you win are you going to buy me something? OR actually, buy us ALL something? =)

Awww yeah

Now I can finally post. WTG VD

I just got out of my first "real" college class ever. Well, that business college doesn't count because I was with a bunch of old fuckers and I hated them all :)

I love the computers in the lab, I do, however, feel out of place. I'm old enough to be some of these people's sister!!


So I'm in a lottery pool here at work. I think it's up to $85 million. Or maybe we have $85 worth of tickets. Whatever. Anyway - what's the point in photocopying the 3 pages of ticket numbers for all 17 people in this thing? It's not like anyone is going to keep it a secret. If 16 people show up to work tomorrow driving a brand new Lexus, I'll just go ahead and assume that we won. I sure as hell ain't going to check 85 lines of numbers tonight. That's why I don't organize these things! :P

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

crazy story!

That is a very weird day! That kind of thing hasnt happened to me in a long time. Maybe some new shannanagans will happen at the bte show with Randall. Hes always good for that.

a story worth telling again and again...

why i dont leave the UWS very often...

Sunday night, i innocently decide that i want to get some indian food from Whole Foods and go see Napoleon Dynamite... So i begin my journey....

part 1:
Walk the 18 blocks to Whole Foods, get myself some yummy indian food and finally settle on a home made moonpie for dessert (can you say YUM?). Of course, this being a sunday, Whole Foods is MOBBED, and the lines are long. luckily i am under the express limit and go to that line. have a little trouble finding the end of the line, but finally get myself situated.
after about 3 minutes, this guy walks up next to me, looking around - as if he is looking for the end of the line. so i nicely point the end out to him. and i go back to listening to my ipod. (yes, in the grocery store. yes, i am one of those...) and he says "i dont think you can be saying that to me - i've been here, but now you are telling me that because i was standing in the wrong place, i have to go to the back of the line? i dont think you have any right to tell me that..." me - "um, yeah, i think i can tell you because its not my problem that you havent been in the right place, nor is it anyone else's problem - so yeah, i think i can tell you whatever i want..." this goes on and on, and then i dont see him anymore - presumably because he went to the end of the line. score 1 for kiki.
so i check out, and as i am leaving, i feel a tap on my shoulder... lo and behold... he decided to seek me out to tell me that i 'should really watch my attitude' to which i replied - "ok... thanks for your concern..." a bit more back and forth and then this - my favorite part... he says, "you better hope i never see you out in public, cause i will take you down." to which little ol' me turned around and replied - quite loudly "oh, you are threatening me? we are in public right now - why dont you give it your best shot. come on - take me down right here..."
he walked away.

oh, did i mention this is a 6'8" black man? yeah, picture the scenario. all in Whole Foods.

part 2:
get myself on the subway(all while watching over my shoulder for the man who is going to 'take me down') and trek down to times square to see the movie. as i am getting off the subway and walking to the exit, i see a man who has apparently sat on something, making it look as if he has shat himself... being the nosy bitch that i am, i decide that i want to know what he sat in - chocolate milk? ice cream? as i got closer, it became abundantly clear - thru both sight and smell - that this man had, in fact, shat himself on the subway... first Tony Stewart, now this guy... where will it end?

part 3:
i know you think - what else could have happened?
so, get to the bigass multiplex in times square (where i have never been before), buy my ticket, get to the theater and find a seat... loud group of teenagers sitting in the lower section... loud group of teenagers gets louder, and now they are talking to this woman sitting a couple seats from them... teenager and woman talking get louder. woman stands up. woman is NOT a woman, but a transvestite. fight ensues between high school kid and transvestite.
an orchid is damaged in the process.
security kicks out the rest of the teenagers in the group. the rest of the theater erupts in applause.
all before Napoleon Dynamite. i mean, really???

yeah, this is why sometimes, its just better to stay home... :)

wuz up homies!

just testing this thang out! :)

oooooooooooh, man

It's on now!